Castanets Collection Professional

The professional castanet collection is ideal for professional flamenco dancers who, as masters of the castanet technique, are always after top craftsmanship and the perfect flamenco timbre.

All of the professional castanet collection models are 80% wood impregnated with 20% retin to ensure that no cracks will appear in the wood.  What’s more they are resilient to sudden changes in temperature, won’t absorb moisture, and will always give you that one-of-a-kind sound quality of sound.

The materials they’re made of make them comfortable and light.  Depending on the model and on whether their concave has a single or a double sound box (Doble Caja), the sound goes from the middle frequencies (hoarse and rough or mild and sweet) to the low ones (bass).

With every purchase of our castanets we’ll make you a GIFT of the special carrying leatherpouch to store them in so every time you take them out they will be as good as new.

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Best value for money

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