Professional Flamenco Shoes Model 375S

Professional Flamenco Shoes Model 375S

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Sizes: 34.5 - 40.5, Black, Leather 5cm Normal Heel, Nails

This is the perfect shoe for those at the professional level or those seeking to step up to it.

Our Professional Collection will provide you with unquestionable comfort and superb sound quality! They are truly resistant shoes to any performance wear and tear. They are handmade of the finest cow leather and have a hand-stitched leather sole.

The Professional Collection has been designed to provide an acoustically perfect sound.

  • Hand-made using top-quality cow leather (Boxcalf-flor or Suede)
  • 100% leather internal insulation for the upper of the shoe
  • Internal cushion for great comfort
  • Leather insole
  • Reinforced with leather on toe cap and shoe quarter (side and back of foot) specially designed for the needs of zapateado
  • Hand-stitched leather sole
  • Wooden heel with or without nails
Excellent customer service from Agis getting the correct size for a perfect fit. Received the great shoes in 17 days (in Australia).
Highly recommend the quality shoes and customer service.
Linda W, Singapore
Dear Kyriakos Kanaridis,

Today is a very good and happy day for me.
The flamenco shoes I ordered from Flamencista have arrived in very good condition and they fit my feet very well.

I cannot thank you enough for the personal attention and assurance you have given me.
I am so glad you have restored my faith in ordering from your wonderful country.
Thank You Kyriakos.

My Dear Flamenco sisters…
I attached the correspondences for you to read.
And if you are thinking of ordering another pair of shoes, please do consider ordering from Flamencista.
I am a happy woman today:-)


Linda W.

If a product does not fit can I exchange it with another one?

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