Flamenco Skirts

Stunning tailor-made flamenco skirts in just 2 weeks! Design your own flamenco skirt exactly the way you want it!

You can create your own unique skirt by choosing from a wide variety of designs, fabrics, colors and patterns

All Flamencista flamenco skirts are handmade in Spain using the best quality material. They are very elegant, durable, airy and light and will make your flamenco dance an absolute sensational experience.  

We are the only online shop to offer skirts that are truly made to measure as we do not use predefined sizes. Instead we handcraft your skirt in under 2 weeks using your exact measurements, which ensures a perfect fit! 

Choose between our flamenco performance skirts or flamenco practice skirts and dance the flamenco like never before!

Important Note: Our skirts are authentic flamenco skirts and therefore their quality is far superior to any standard "flamenco style" machine-made skirt that can be bought off the shelf. Each and everyone of them is a unique creation, a true piece of art, tailor-made to perfection exclusively for you by Master Pepe.