Flamenco Shawls

Take advantage of our exquisite Flamencista Silk Shawl Collection and broaden your range of interpretation!

The mantón or shawl is the most spectacular part of the Flamenco costume.  The shawls’ vibrant colors and exuberant designs exude the culture of Andalusia and give an extra outlet to your interpretative potential:  In your hands, the mantón opens new vistas of sensational dance movement.

The Spanish mantón is actually a square piece of cloth, hand-embroidered through and through by women who live in Seville and have over 50 years of experience in crafting hand-made shawls. All of the Flamencista Shawl Collection is made from the finest materials available. All of the shawls, the product of exquisite haute-couture craftsmanship, are hand-sewn and hand-embroidered in the capital of Andalusia. 

True works of art at affordable prices! 

The Flamenco Shawl: Luxury or Necessity? 

The shawl first appeared in Seville in the mid-20th century as a luxury garment. Nevertheless, once it was established as yet another element of expression of the Spanish culture. As it quickly became associated with the art of Flamenco it also became indispensable: after all, when the grandeur of dance is “draped” in the aristocratically simple, then dance acquires style, meaning, and direction.

The magic of Flamenco lies in the unbounded creative freedom it offers. 

Allow your performance to reach that crescendo which releases the fragrance, vibrancy, and flavor of your choreography!