Flamenco Mini Shawl Model 205-A Burgundy Print

Flamenco Mini Shawl Model 205-A Burgundy Print

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Express yourself authentically and use this wonderful mini shawl to “dress” each and every move of yours with magnificence!

The Mantocillo (known as the small shawl, mini shawl or small mantón) has become essential dancewear clothing for all Flamenco dancers. It is a triangular piece of fabric, handmade in Spain by women with exceptional talent and over 50 years of experience in shawl making.


The Mantoncillo is a smaller version of the classic large Manila Mantón. It is used in dancing in exactly the same way as the large shawl, contributing to the dancer’s ability to improvise and express their emotions.


The main difference between the small and the large shawl is that the Mantoncillo is much more discrete due to its small size. However, the size of the small manton makes it more cost effective and an ideal alternative for those who wish to embellish each and every dance move with magnificence and elegance.


All small shawls by Flamencista are sewn in the Andalusian capital of Seville using traditional sewing methods and the best material in the market.


We are offering you a handcrafted piece of art at an unbelievable price!


Size: 155cm x 70 cm

  • Color: Burgundy Print
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Lace:  Handmade throughout
  • Fringe:  Made of rayon fabric


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