Bata de Cola

Deliver inspiring performances with a custom made bata de cola by Flamencista!


Bata de Cola

This is the Flamencista signature creation; a truly stunning piece of art handcrafted in the heart of Andalusia by Master Pepe. Each bata de cola is tailor made to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. 

You can indulge yourself to one of our incredible designs. If you feel inspired you can suggest your own ideas, which we will deliver to perfection. Great dancers around the world, across all continents have been dancing in Flamencista bata de colas, delivering thrilling performances.


  • Hand made throughout in Andalusia

  • Created using top quality fabric

  • Very stylish and airy, ideal for flamenco performances

  • You can create your own design

  • Custom made from scratch to perfection 

  • Perfect fit guaranteed

  • Made in just 30 days!

  • Worldwide delivery

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee