Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II
Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II-2
Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II-3
Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II-4
Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II-5
Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II-6

Flamenco Skirt for Practice sessions Model AZABACHE II

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Handmade skirt in a fun, trendy cut to make your Flamenco practice sessions a daily pleasure!

The modern cut of this Flamenco skirt makes lessons and practice sessions a sheer pleasure.  Hugging waist and hips for a perfect fit, it features flounces just over the hemline to allow for comfort and ease of movement.

Alluring and comfortable, the skirt has the ideal fit, gracefully expressing your every move. Its soft 98% Lycra and 2% elastan fabric makes it superbly wearable. It comes in a solid color, has an extra-wide elastic waistband, 2 panels (quillas), 2 godet insets for extra fullness and flare, and 3 flounces.

The wide elastic waistband is 90% algodon and 10% elastan cotton to help the skirt contour and hug your waist perfectly. The waistband’s extra width has been cleverly designed so that it may turn into a bustier, allowing the skirt to be worn as a strapless dress as well!

The ideal skirt for Flamenco students, instructors, and professionals who wish to combine the classic with the contemporary and impress with this skirt’s simple yet elegant design.

  • Handmade Flamenco skirt tailored to your exact measurements!
  • Material:Base skirt of light fabric trimmed with high-quality, 98% Lycra and 2% elastan at the hemline for the perfect effect.
  • 2 panels (Quillas) , front (1) and back (1)
  • 2 inset godets on each side (godet: extra triangular piece of fabric sewn on a skirt’s seams for extra fullness)
  • 2 flounces which start at the hemline and continue upwards to end at the godets.
  • The flounces are made of sturdy, high quality, pleated crespon crepe.
  • Total skirt flare (vuelo): 2.5 metres.
  • Its no-wrinkle, easy-to-care-for fabric saves you valuable time.

Please allow for a reasonable time period while we are tailoring your Flamenco skirt to your personal measurements and preferences. For our standard production and delivery times click here.


  • The AZABACHE (Lycra) and CARMIN (Punto Viscosa-Viscose) models share the same sewing pattern and fit exactly the same.  Their difference is in the fabric used.
  • All fabrics and colors shown on your screen available while supplies last.

Enter your measurements to customize your Flamenco skirt

Please carefully take your measurements in centimetres using the picture on the left and the instructions below:

1. Measure your waistline just above the belly button (A)

2. Measure your hip size (B)

3. Measure the length of the skirt, which is the distance between your waistline and your ankle (C)

4. Please enter all measurements in the text boxes provided.

Select your Flamenco skirt's colors

The skirts comprise of one, two, or more panels sewn together. Those are represented by the capital letters in the diagram below.

Here's your chance to have your own Flamenco skirt made in the colors that suit you best! Just follow these few, simple steps:

1. To see our extensive Flamencista fabric palette click here.

2. Select the fabric code of your choice and command the skirt you've always dreamed of!
This is a great practice skirt. The ruffles are nicely sewn and kick up in a lovely way. I have had this skirt for almost 6 months. I have not experienced any fraying or seam issues. I washed it in the washing machine and hang it dry. I haven't had any issues with that either but a slight lightening of the black that is made of a spandex type jersey material on the waist portion. However, it is barely noticeable. Perhaps it is better to hand wash. Overall I am happy with this product and would buy again.

If a product does not fit can I exchange it with another one?

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