How Can You Look Charming and Attractive in Custom Made "Bata De Cola" Skirts?

How Can You Look Charming and Attractive in Custom Made "Bata De Cola" Skirts?

Looking to dress up in a Bata de cola and wondering how to look perfect in it? Keep on reading to find out.

Think about the length

As a general rule of thumb, when you are picking up a Bata, the length between the waist and the tip should be the height of the dancer. If you are just getting used to wearing the Bata, you can go ahead and pick out one with a much shorter train.  A novice can definitely pick out a skirt with a shorter tail why an advance dancer can simply go ahead with a longer skirt for heightened sense of drama. And remember to choose a skirt with a front that passes the ankles.

What happens when you are not a dancer and simply an admirer of a Bata de cola? This means you have to find an option that offers you comfort and practicality at the same time. You can go for shorter skirt. And these looks great for an elegant party as well.

The weight of the skirt

Just because you have chosen to wear a Bata de cola, it does not mean that you have to endure the discomfort of dragging an enormous weight. You can simply opt out for a skirt with the perfect amount of weight so that you do not have to go through the hassle of dragging the skirt around or you do not have to bother thinking whether or not it lands perfectly on the floor, which tends to happen when the skirt is too light. You will also be able to find dresses that come with the Bata de cola and if you are looking for plus size dresses it might be that hard to find.

Think of the fabric

Although one might think since it is the Bata de cola, you have to think of the weight of the skirt, the most important part of the skirt is its fabric. While the flamenco dresses come in different types of fabrics and the choice solely depends on the person who stiches and the dancer, the Bata de cola should be created with a stiffer fabric. Whether you are an athletic jogger or a dancer looking to dress up in a Bata de cola, you can go ahead and look for the perfect skirt that fits every need ideally, rather than picking a skirt that does not yield any comfort.

The shape of the skirt

This is another pointer when you are considering dressing up in a Bata de cola. You should go ahead and pick a skirt that is more rounded according to the experts. If the train of the skirt tends to be more of a narrow one, you will have no place to lift the skirt with your feet.

The ruffles

What makes a skirt a Bata de cola is its ruffles. While most beginners go ahead with around 3 ruffles in the front area of the skirt and 5 in the back, the pros go for more for added drama.

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