Castanets Collection Amateur

Your very first castanets:  You’ll never forget them!

The Amateur Collection’s castanets are designed with you in mind, you who are hesitantly taking your first steps in the world of Flamenco.  They are of broad appeal and the rationale behind their craftsmanship has been to make them affordable to beginners who are just setting out and have no knowledge of the castanet art.

Just like all of the Castañuelas del Sur castanets, the Amateur Collection ones are also handmade using traditional methods and superb know-how in handmade designs.  Still, they are attractively affordable since they are made of retin instead of wood, something that makes them durable and resilient.

With every purchase of our castanets we’ll make you a GIFT of a special leather pouch to store them in: every time you take them out they will be as good as