Reviews for Professional Flamenco Shoes Model 370

These shoes are SOLID!

They provide AWESOME support and they fit perfectly. I find it much
easier to balance.

The shoemaker kept in good communication with me during the entire
time they were being made.

Marnie R, US
A few weeks ago my shoes arrived. I want to let you know that I am most satisfied!

The shoes look very fine. Also the elastic at the clasp is attached all right.
A pity is that this time soles of a white colour were put under the shoes, but that is a minor issue.

About the fit: The shoes are nowhere too tight, even was I a little concerned that they might still be too large. But they proof to be stable enough in flamenco dancing. The model hugs my foot in the right places, also the extra wide sole fits my foot better and therefore gives me more balance.
I could dance in the new shoes rightaway with no inconveniences for my feet.
They sound right too. So I am very pleased to be dancing in solid, beautiful shoes that function well!

Mirjam S, Netherlands

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