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In Flamencista we provide the best Flamenco products at unbeatable prices. We have many customers who have been extremely satisfied with the quality of our products and our customer service and are happy to talk about it. Here is what they say about us:

  • Anna G, US

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    I have been taking flamenco classes for 2 years, and was always having problem finding flamenco shoes that would fit me right. So I have finally decided to have the shoes custom-made, and after some search I settled on "Flamencista" web site. The whole preocess was very easy - I just faxed them the tracing of my feet, and after about 2 months I received my beautifully-wrapped shoes, which were very comfortable, and for the first time in 2 years my feet didn't hurt after dancing! Anya G, USA read more...
  • Kay L.

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    I am only a poorly paid med sec so can only do one thing at a time.  The shoes are great and can't wait to get to class now.  Will certainly award myself with one of your skirts when they go on line but will have to be when I have saved up my pennies and my dancing has got better to warrant such an expense.  In the meantime will tell everyone how wonderful your skirts are as the ones available in the UK aren't very nice. Many thanks again Kay read more...
  • Gemma E, UK

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    Being a beginner to the world of flamenco, I was nervous at the thought of buying the appropriate shoes. It was daunting looking at the different sites and trying to work out the correct shoe size and shipping costs to the UK. Then I came across this website via Ebay, and thought that not only did the shoes look great, but the cost was cheaper than other companies and the shipping was not going to be a problem. As the shoes are handmade, I had to be patient (I was really excited and couldn't wait for them to arrive) but the excellent customer service team (Agis) helped me to get them as quick as possible, made sure I chose the right shoe size and kept me up to date with the progress. Having received my shoes, I have found the (short) wait worth it as the shoes are well made, very comfortable and my dancing experience even more enjoyable. Knowing that they are direct and hand made from Spain makes them very special. Thank-you from a very happy customer. Best wishes Gem   read more...
  • Mariya K, Piraeus, Greece

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    I am very pleased to recommend Flamencista to everybody who is searching for high quality on reasonable prices and trustworthy professional customer service. Flamencista was recommended to me by a friend from the dancing school who is wearing Flamencista shoes and is absolutely happy about them. A week ago I received my pair from Manuela Carrasco collection and must say that I’m really impressed with the quality of shoemaker work itself and the comfort the shoes provide to the feet. Also I would like to give my best credits to the highly professional Flamencista customer service team which made the overall experience of purchasing 100% positive. read more...
  • Margaret S, Italia

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    Dear Agis, fantasticc news!  This evening I received the most beautiful skirt I have ever seen - beautifully tailored and a 100% perfect fit! I can't tell you how happy I am with it and the red shoes I also  purchased from you are great and go together incredibly well!  Thank you Agis and I will be ordering other things in the near future.  Have a great week-end and please remember to send me any updates on your website. con affetto!  ciao Margaret   read more...