Gemma E, UK

Being a beginner to the world of flamenco, I was nervous at the thought of buying the appropriate shoes. It was daunting looking at the different sites and trying to work out the correct shoe size and shipping costs to the UK. Then I came across this website via Ebay, and thought that not only did the shoes look great, but the cost was cheaper than other companies and the shipping was not going to be a problem. As the shoes are handmade, I had to be patient (I was really excited and couldn't wait for them to arrive) but the excellent customer service team (Agis) helped me to get them as quick as possible, made sure I chose the right shoe size and kept me up to date with the progress. Having received my shoes, I have found the (short) wait worth it as the shoes are well made, very comfortable and my dancing experience even more enjoyable. Knowing that they are direct and hand made from Spain makes them very special. Thank-you from a very happy customer.
Best wishes


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