Bronwen W, Canada

Hello Kyriakos,

The new shoes are perfect, as usual.  The yellow actually looks gold, and the little heart-shaped peak on the surface of the toe was a pleasant surprise - I didn't see it in the photos online and it is really unique.  They are beautiful! 

These two new pairs of Don Flamenco shoes have allowed my feet to be properly aligned at the heel. I was surprised by how large the heel was on the first pair, and how it covers about twice the surface area of e.g. my Gallardo shoes.  Looking carefully now at the heels of the Gallardo shoes, they are worn on a slant, and so my foot was naturally tilting at all times.  I probably wore the heels down myself in this way.  The Don Flamenco shoes' heels are flat and this has actually been the difference between dancing and not dancing for me.  If this information would ever be useful to anyone, I hope you will pass it along.  

I now have so many pairs of shoes and so I don't know when I will be ordering again from you, but thank you so much for all your assistance and excellent customer service!

Bronwen W, Canada

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