Flamenco- A Fashion Trend!

Flamenco- A Fashion Trend!

Flamenco – A fashion trend!

We see dancers baring their souls, communicating their inner feelings and sharing their intimate thoughts.. body language cannot be tamed..

One, in a spectacular dress with large oversized ruffles,  bright bold colours and most feminine patterns.  Another, in a plain top and a ruffled bottom skirt with a polka dot print always paired with classy Flamenco shoes. They both look fiery and stormy in their slick moves and aery clothes. No question, the stage is conquered..

Flamenco is the dance which sets passion and emotion ‘’in motion’’  ; as is the case with real life. Gracefulness and smoothness alternate with passion and turbulence.

This is when Fashion meets Flamenco- this uniquely dramatic yet classic Spanish style of dance whose elegant clothing has the potential of enhancing and highlighting every single curve of the female figure, revealing all her sex appeal and assertiveness.

Famous Fashion Houses such as Balenciaga, Chloe, Givenchy, Gucci and Chanel use the Flamenco trend as a source of inspiration. Whatever your personal style, there is always a flamenco look for you! The range is endless.. the combinations are unlimited..  the choice is yours!!


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